Check out this segment from CBN’s The 700 Club featuring Wil and Linda Yazzie’s testimony. It’s a touching introduction to their extraordinary love story, which is detailed in our book Total Pardon.

Introducing the main characters in our TRUE story…

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  1. Russ Smith says:

    This is such a great story and I am enjoying reading the book. It is one of those books you find hard to put down. This is a miracle story. Thank you for sharing your life story and my God bless your everyday journey.

  2. Karen Larimore says:

    The book was great. I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it. What was so neat, was to see the power of Linda’s prayers throughout Wil’s life. It was also special, because I know these people. :) Praise the Lord!!

  3. Debbie Kindle says:

    I can’t wait to read your book. You & Linda are very special to me. May God truly bless your ministry! Love & prayers! Your sister in Christ, Debbie

  4. Sandie M Webb says:

    This story hits home with me. I married and alcoholic and drug addict…it has been a long road but we traveled it together!

  5. Wil, this is absolutely a lovely story. No matter what one has done in the past, the faith, belief and trust in the Lord shall make one rise to their fullest potential, that’s a fact. So glad you and Linda found each other again, how beautiful is this. God bless.

    Andrea J. Montoya

  6. Faye Roper says:

    I personally know Wil, but never had the chance to meet his beautiful wife Linda. I knew some of Wils’ story but not the depth it went into. I thank Jesus for saving Wil from his addictions and I thank Linda for her prayers and Love that kept him going even tho he never realized it was Linda that was doing the praying. This is a very powerful book and it hits home in many ways. From the love I have for Wils’ brother who is also an alcoholic to my son who is serving time in jail now. I believe this is Gods answer to me, a way to show my son the power of the Lord and prayer. I believe God had this book published at this time so I can send it to my son in jail so he might also see the love of Jesus. Thank you Wil and Linda from the bottom of my heart for sharing your truly amazing story of love and faith. You sister Faye aka(white dove) given by your brother.

  7. Jenny, Texas says:

    I purchased the e-book of “Total Pardon” on February 14th to add to the book launch. I didn’t start reading it right away because I was finishing up another book. But…. once I did, I was unable to put it down until I finished it. I think I may also get the hard copy for my bookshelf. I love true stories that end in triumph!!!

  8. Debbie Kindle says:

    Just finished the book. God will truly bless all who read it. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. God will bless you both for this. I am truly glad we are friends!

  9. Mary Jane Hill says:

    The book has meant a lot to me. That your love has lasted so long. I am glad I know you, and that we are friends.

  10. Clarissa Miller says:

    I already knew the story a little because of knowing you both personally but ready the book has helped me get to know you even more. I am so glad that your story is out there for the whole world to read, it will truly save lives. I have a friend that plans on sharing it with some boys that she works with. Hopefully it will change their lives I know it has changed mine. God Bless Linda and you Wil. You are both very special people. I miss you both so much.

  11. Pat Eskierski says:

    Linda and Wil .. Your journey is truly a miracle . Wil it is amazing that through all your demons you have accomplished so much in your life. The dear Lord had to be on one shoulder and an angel on the other ( Linda) !. Linda .. you are amazing to have forgiven and loved unconditionally , you must be one of gods angels for sure ! If any one has an addiction and believes that they can never get away from their evil .. this book is a testament that you CAN ! Wil and Linda .. if this book helps just one person and i believe it will help many than once again you will be helping to spread the work of your dear lord ! Wil.. i know you have done many things wrong in your past .. but today you have much to be proud of ! This is a very powerful book on the consequences of addiction but with the strength of surrendering to the lord your life can turn around ! May your work continue to help others that so desperately need it ! God Bless You !

  12. Judy Bauer says:

    A truly amazing and fascinating story. I love happy endings.

  13. Rebekah Harlow says:

    Words can not describe this AWESOME book. I knew a little from knowing both of you from Lockland, but this book really gave me an insight on what GOD really brought you out of Wil and by the GRACE of GOD you are still here to tell your story-once again GOD knows what needs to be done. And Linda tremendous faith and dedication in prayer. Oh by goodness, everyone one – young and older should read this book. I don’t even like to read and I started the day I received the book and I could not put it down. AWESOME!! Encouraging all my young people to read your book. Thank you Wil and Linda for sharing your story with all of us and most important Thank you GOD for your unconditional LOVE for us all! Thanks Wil – love to you and Linda and prayers with you both always.

  14. Rena Tipton says:

    This is one of the best books I have read in my entire life! I read it twice the first day I got it. What a touching love story, and such an amazing testimony to the power and love of God. It is plain to see that God used everything in Wil and Linda’s lives, both the good and the bad, to equip them for a powerful ministry. I believe the study guide at the end of the book will be used far and wide to reach those who suffer with drug and alcohol abuse. Thanks for such an informative, exciting book!

  15. Faye Hammond says:

    I am the pastors wife here at Newcom A/G and I work with Wil and Linda at our church with their C.I.T.A. program……I thought I knew them but found out as I read their life story there is so much I don’t know about them!! I am so blessed to be a part of what God is doing through their mininstry….He has big plans!!!!!!!!

  16. Jack, New Mexico says:

    I just finished Total Pardon. WOW!!!!

  17. Ynema Pemberton LaFuria says:

    I had settled in to read Total Pardon and found that I couldn’t just read a few pages and put it down until later…I had to finish the book…WOW..is all I can say…what a book about triumph, courage, faith, and struggles..and that love conquers so much in a relationship…when you think giving up is going to happen it is just the begining of the true meaning of love to arise again to help Wil overcome his addiction..her belief in faith through prayer and her unconditional love is just an awesome testiment that true love can overcome all obsticles…love never fails..it’s trying & so hard but win’s out in the end…this book is riviting…TOTAL PARDON is a book that should be given to anyone in your family/friend that is struggling in their lives to show you can overcome your trials..never give up and Wil you and Linda are an awesome couple..bless both of you for writing this awesome book….very inspiring…a must read.

  18. R says:

    A real page turner! I know it’s been said by many others, but I found it hard to put it down. A very well-written and thoughtful account of the effects of addition and abuse and a moving tribute to the redemptive powers of love and forgiveness. Frankly, it made me appreciate all the blessings in my own life and gave me faith in the plans God has for each of us.

    I especially enjoyed reading the appendices at the back of the book, which detail the coauthor’s personal experience teaching on a Navajo reservation and help situate Wil’s story within the broader context of our country’s fascinating but little-known Native American history and culture.

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