Total Pardon - An Extraordinary Love Story

Why would a squeaky clean, evangelical Christian woman from Ohio fall madly in love with a hopeless, alcoholic, Native American ex-con with the last known address of Skid Row, USA? Her idyllic childhood was plagued by illness, yet filled with unconditional love and support. His childhood was splintered by divorce, plagued by poverty, fueled by superstition and filled with disappointment. Two individuals could not be more different, yet Wil Yazzie and Linda Amyx married each other not once—but twice. An inmate who starts out a pen pal and ends up a husband—there's a lot that could go wrong in that situation. The notion of falling in love through letter writing is sketchy territory, but in Wil and Linda's case, it turned out to be sacred territory. When two people find unexpected tenderness, vulnerability, and true love behind prison bars, the relationship is not only rare, it's fascinating. He was a hopeless alcoholic whose addictions robbed him of decades of his life, yet he goes from career criminal to Hollywood actor an ordained minister with a life-changing message. If it weren't for the unconditional love and faithful prayers of his wife Linda, Wil would have died a long time ago—like most of his drinking buddies. Total Pardon is a true reversal-of-destiny story that offers radical hope for those struggling with addiction.

About the Authors

Wil was born in Phoenix and grew up on the Navajo Nation reservation. He attended BIA boarding schools in NM as well as the Chilocco School for Indians in OK. He got his degree in social work from the University of Cincinnati, went on to become a Hollywood actor, and ordained minister. He and his wife Linda live in Newcomb, NM, where they are missionaries and pastors of the Congregational Methodist Church. Linda, a self-taught artist, grew up in Cincinnati where she worked as an elementary school librarian's assistant. Jodie Randisi taught Navajo Indians at Chinle Boarding School in Many Farms, AZ.

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Designed to allow readers to come along Wil and Linda's extraordinary and amazing journey, these discussion questions relate directly to the topics covered in all 35 chapters of the Yazzie's book, Total Pardon. Whether discussed or journaled, these thought-provoking questions will lead to a deeper and more compassionate understanding of those affected by addiction. Feel free to use this 7-page PDF as a resource for small group study, especially for those in or desiring recovery.

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